The Dark Hills Divide.

10 02 2008

0439700930.jpg12-year oldAlexa really wants to know what is outside the wall of bride well but that dream comes true when she finds a secret tunnel in the library in the reny lodge, that will lead her outside the wall. Then she is assigned a mission by worvold which she has to complete. I think that the book does have a lot of weaknesses and strength one of the weaknesses are that in the book it doesn’t completely describe the event the happen like when she meets yipes I kept thinking that yipes is a shrunken man the size as alexa’s thumb but really I couldn’t imagine but the strength in is that it has a lot of suspense in it. I’ll give these book 5 stars.5-stars.jpg I recommend this book to any young reader who likes adventure and mystery.  


My Dream Vacation

6 01 2008

I wish that my dream vacation would be like this…I would be going to Hawaii and I would be staying in a 5 star hotel with the beach right in front of me. I would spend every single piece of money I have, and of course NO PARENTS, oh ya…I forgot to say that I would go to the swimming pool, the mall and the spa. After that I would go to Paris and I would be staying at the Le Grand Hotel a very famous hotel in Paris and I would be going to the Eiffel tower and not to mention Euro world also known as Disney land. I would go to the louvre pyramid museum and the Arc be Triophe, the Paris opera house, the open air market, the Mona Lisa, the Paris Catacombs so that’s really it now the reality is…go to egypt visit grandma, cousins, Aunt, Uncles, worry about new apartment watch black and white T.V then we go back to Saudi Arabia.Really boring right? Well sometimes reality can be a bit harsh on someone.

I Am

9 12 2007

I Am  I am Johnny Tremain

I wonder were my mother is

I hear her voice

I see her face

 I want to be with her

 I am Johnny Tremain

 I enjoy being with Cilla

 I feel happy

 I believe in god

 I worry about Cilla

I cry remembering my mother

I am Johnny Tremain

 I understand how it feels like to be unwanted

I say that a man can stand up

 I dream of Cilla and my mother

 I try to please people

 I hope that war will be over soon

I am Johnny Tremain 

By: Roaa El-Shaer


History written by the victors

2 12 2007

The movie that we watched was called “The Patriot” but imagine if it was called “The Loyalist”. The movie’s theme would be completely different.   This is because the movie would be all brutal and the British would be fighting for the American colonies to stay under their command, but the patriots would be fighting for their freedom and for “Taxation without Representation”. They both had honorable and dishonorable people, and they had two main characters for example Mel Gipson was considered hero for the patriots and to the British he was the worst enemy. But if the movie was called “The Loyalist” it would be the opposite the British general would be the hero and Mel Gipson would be the enemy and he would be killed by the British general. Part of the movie would be similar because it would have the same concept. I think the concept of the movie would be that the patriots were fighting for a good reason which is they were fighting for liberty and “Taxation without Representation”.

I Really Don’t Care!!!

19 11 2007

Does he deserve to be called of a hero?

16 11 2007

I think he does deserve to be called a hero because he wanted to organize and raise more troops for the continental army. He banned African Americans from serving in the army; he moved his troops to New York, he used all his leadership skills just to save his outnumbered army. On charismas night 1776 Washington and 2,400 soldiers silently crossed the icy Delaware River. He was not satisfied with only one of his victories; Washington marched down to the town of Princeton. The planned another surprise attack for the enemy. Not to mention the Washington D.C was named after him.    

“Can I Borrow A Pen?”

16 11 2007

This picture shows one of the signers signing the declaration of independence and asking for a pen!